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    I’ve spent quite some time watching the slideshow, and have yet to find anything legitimately. Every now and then, there are little spots of semi-coherent pixels, but they don’t represent anything Of course I’ve searched for some things, and that still manages to bring a chill to me whenever it spits back a code that anyone can use to see a picture of myself I just took. This site never fails to awe me with the promise such a (relatively) simple premise holds. We are talking about an inventory of possible images that if you filled the entire multiverse (estimated to contain 10^700 universes) with them, at the scale of 1 image=1 Planck length, you would essentially have done nothing to get through them all (you’d be 1/(1.23*10^9600869)th of the way there.) That’s more than enough space to show you literally anything imaginable, and several unimaginable things along with it. Thank you for at least opening the door to it for us.

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    Jonathan Basile

    Thank you for exploring, Paul! I’m glad you find it both enjoyable and frightening – I do as well.

    It’s the unimaginable things that I wonder about as well…

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    Don’t know if anyone has done this yet, but here’s black and white.

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    I posted this further up but since this is for bookmarking ill leave this here too.

    Pluto and its Heart

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    Ludge Soniclu

    hey, i have found some really creep stuff on 2072000 , like, i swear there are letters on this image… is it just me?

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    Jonathan Basile

    Is that the image number? Can you bookmark it and share the link?

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    Ludge Soniclu

    sorry it took so long for me to answer :p
    so, i inserted the link in the website space, if it doesnt work or whatever happens in the website thing, here it is the link

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    Jonathan Basile

    hmm….where do you see letters? can you circle them and upload the image to imgur to share it here?

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    Sorry for necro’ing a forum post, but how are you guys able to know when a discernible image comes up? Are you actually physically there, and do you watch through the recordings or nah?

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    @Jude: I sometimes open the slideshow when I have idle time to kill, like if I’m hold while calling customer support somewhere. Yes, I try to look at the randomness to see if there are any shapes and pause if I need more time.

    @Jonathan/Ludge: I actually see a number 8! I went to the first number that Ludge posted (2072000)

    If you look at the original, you can make out the left edges of the 8. I uploaded a highlighted version if you’re having trouble seeing it. Nice find, Ludge Soniclu!

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    Hello everyone!

    I got amaaazing find (well, at least compared to the finds this forum posts). I still have to organize it a little bit so I won’t post it yet, but soon.

    I’m sure you all will like it 🙂

    A little teaser: “Galactic Salmon — Protoass Noise Cluster”

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    *an amazing find.

    This forums without edit option… smh

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