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    I believe I have made some sort of discovery about the library. Although I cannot be 100% certain, I challenge you all to put this theory to the test, because I am producing results. Go to the search bar and type in something very negative. Something very vulgar, horrible, disgusting even. Now go to the results, click on English random words, and read all the words around the sentence you typed. Notice something strange? I sure do….an uncanny amount of the words are vulgar themselves. coincidence? maybe, lets find out. Now go back to the search bar. Type in something very positive, and uplifting. As great as you can think of. Now read the words around the sentence. Why so many positive words? is this coincidence? now go back to the search bar, and type in your full name. read the words around your name. How do they describe you? Were you able to find a page that had a ridiculous amount of words that described yourself? I know I found a few. It’s quite bizarre even. maybe you can help me look into this.

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    My own attempts to look into this show none of what you’re talking about: most of the words on each page are completely unrelated to what I input at all, and those that express emotion of some kind have no real correlation with the text I search for.

    A mundane explanation that doesn’t require any sort of unusual phenomenon is that, well, the English language has a lot of vulgar/negative words and a lot of uplifting words. When you type something in, you’re tricking your brain into thinking like that, so you’ll look harder for related ideas and inevitably find some.

    About the “finding words that describe yourself” bit; that’s what astrology does – it gives you such a vague statement that it has to be true in some way for everyone. And what could be more vague than a random list of words, some of which describe various personality traits or what-have-you?

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    I didn’t find much relation in searching for random words (Vulgar or not)

    Although, keep in mind, with every combination of 3200 characters (or however many it is : p) it is 100% likely that there are endless amounts of texts that have amazing correlations of words that would blow your mind! But of course, that means nothing until you make it mean something.

    Although it is interesting to play around with and I actually had great luck finding correlating words that are definitely related to my life. I even found a text that had my name in it twice!
    Well my first name anyways.

    Check it out:

    “Kai Wandrey”


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    Also meant to mention, when searching my name I kept seeing the same words quite frequently in numerous different texts, definitely interesting at the very least.

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    Noor Ayesha

    I think that every letter sounds should start with their own letter for example “w” we say the letter “dobleu” it should be “wobleu” or something else. Every letter sound should start with their own letter . There are many examples like “F” sound “aff” “H” sound “ach” “L” sounds “al” “m” sound “am” “n”” sound “an”. I hope you understand

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