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    This scared the hell out of me when it came up.

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    Earnest j Coutu


    The freaking Odds…


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    Chicken or the egg?

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    The best way to find an image is to have more monitors and more taps open.
    I had 6 taps open and my computer was recording the screens one frame every three seconds.
    That’s the best way to do it. But I wish I had more computers and more bandwidth though…

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    Creapy… but not fake. Check it thro google this image never been uploaded to internet.

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    Is it a photo?
    What if it’s through another person’s eyes…?

    I would like to find a color image of George Washington and see what he really looks like.
    Instead of the painting they made of him.

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    I can be really, but it can be fake also… I am a bit skeptical with that woman MarkOmo83, sorry. if it is not possible to find it in google image yet, it does not mean anything. For instance, I can upload a photo of B. Obama using any kind of special noise with any image processor software, I can obtain a photo of him in red/black tonality, then submit to this site, get its location and vuala, I can post another “I found an image!”. How can we be able find a way to validate a true image found it here? Maybe if the webmaster show us all the images submited to this site?

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    I wanted to begin with *It might be real*.

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    How do you add a icon to your comment?

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    Icon Test

    Icon test…

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    Nope…. that’s not how it works…. =(

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    http://orig12.deviantart.net/3046/f/2016/095/2/1/new_icon_by_markomo83-d9xi16g.gif MarkOmo83

    Testing again…

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    Darn it…!

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Mark,

    You need to register an account with Gravatar in order to get an icon: https://en.gravatar.com/ – maybe not the best system, but the price I pay for being lazy and putting a wordpress forum on my site…apologies.

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    I don’t know…. if it cost money then I don’t think I would be interested.
    I have to think about my family and bills first.

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