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    https://babelia.libraryofbabel.info/imagesearch.cgi I totally didn’t use image search, it looks like a QR for some idiots youtube. What are the chances?

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    How crazy is it that you found a QR code specifically for some “random” person’s channel for the top video website? Out of all the other websites on the entire internet, and out of the insanely huge amounts of images in the Library, you conveniently found a QR code for a website that exists during this year. It could’ve been a QR code for someone’s UltraFutureTube channel, a video website that might exist in the year 6017 (if we even have internet 4000 years from now that looks similar to ours).

    Go advertise somewhere else.

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    Babel Treasure Hunter

    Why is anyone even still commenting on this?

    It’s clearly fake. If you go forward/back an image, you can see that the image’s location has 900,000+ digits, whereas if you legitimately found this in the Slideshow, it would have around 25 digits max.

    So yes, it’s fake. Anyone who believes this is clearly gullible.

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    its possible the image was an original with a noise filter on it

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    Old thread but god damnit i love how systematically everyone roasted mark… The process OP used to create this was recreated, and it was investigated to the point where the actual person in the image was found and it was OP’s MUM. Amazing.

Viewing 5 posts - 76 through 80 (of 80 total)
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