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    Messiah, “stfu” and “faggot”? Really? I’m not trying to defend Mark here, but those 2 things you said were flat out immature. More immature then Mark trying to make it look like he found a real looking face in an infinite library.

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    i found a woman too, I wish she existed.. =(

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    Broken link (and page ID).

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    The fact that someone found a picture of his mom who looks exactly like the (recreated) imagine someone else put together has me in stitches.

    hahaha, great detective work

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    Looks like another person has Fregoli Delusion.
    These two old ladies don’t even look alike. Their head’s are shape differently and their eyes and hair are to totally different.

    Both you and Messiah are epic fails.

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    are you on crack?

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    No, but are you?

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    I think I’ll finally comment on this thread, since I want to put it to rest.

    Look, Mark. I’m going to try and be nice here. I don’t think the image you posted is your mom, but I ask that you please stop lying about finding the image. I’m not saying I think you’re lying, I’m saying you are, and here’s how I’m going to prove it: by recreating what you did (or as close as possible).

    1) First, you found some random image that isn’t going to be easily found. This can be done very easily by searching for a completely random Youtube video and taking a screenshot of some random position. Here is the image I chose:

    2) I checked to make sure that I could not find it via Google Images, TinEye, or Yandex. All 3 offer a reverse-image lookup services, which means that instead of typing words to find webpages containing those words, you can upload an image to see where the image is located on the internet.

    3) The image is from this Youtube video, by the way: Cella Family Home Videos Disc 2 Track 4
    The video appears to be just some VHS rips of random TV recordings. There’s no date or description, but the news broadcast speaks about this story (archived version, in-case the news article disappears), which happened around November 1, 1989. It’s safe to say nobody on the planet is going to find 1 frame from a random guy’s VHS tape recordings from 1989. Then again, maybe at some point in the future we will be able to search for the most obscure things imaginable – but not in 2017.

    4) Moving on, I tweak the image a bit by shifting the hues to red and playing with the brightness. The image now looks like this:

    5) I open the Universal Slide Show and copy the first image I see (just the usual static):

    6) I then layer the scrambled image using a Lighten blend mode, and we get the end result:


    Here’s the thing I want to make clear. This website is amazing. The Library of Babel is an interesting resource where we may find anything, but whether it has meaning or not is up to the individual. Have you ever read the story of The Boy Who Cried Wolf? If we are to believe you, and you are proven to be lying, we will not believe you or anyone else in the future who actually finds something real.

    If you visit the image you claimed to have found, and click on the “A woman” label on the bottom, you get a HUGE number. Numbers that huge do not occur when you view the Universal Slide Show. Go ahead and open it, click pause, and click on the “babelia #…” at the bottom. I’ll wait. Did you see the difference? You can even do it to my image from Step #5 – my image was located at: 7732646181340995.

    So to conclude, I’m not mad. Don’t take this too personally. I’m not sure why you’re trying to convince people on a forum with hardly any activity for over a year after the fact, but I ask respectfully that you stop the charade. You’re not convincing me, and you will certainly not convince anyone else after I’ve made this post.

    EDIT: For some reason the forum keeps deleting my posts. Reposting.
    EDIT2: URLs got messed up. Fixed

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    Great library. Very cool to perceive statistics in real work.
    Great atempt for the fake scarry granny 🙂

    I liked the analogy with the fact of looking at hertz TV screen unpluged waiting for sceau granny to show up.

    Also It Would be intersting to have the number of digits That the index name of image has…

    Love this site. Great idea. Minds experience.

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    Mark. As you might know, into the immeasurable vastness of the Universe our species is radiating porn, memes and gangsta rap, to name a few. In this unthinkable data chaos there floats an image, representing your mom.


    You’ve posted your mom into the eternity.

    What did you do, man… May god’s mercy be on all of us.

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    I totally found this without image search! It’s a QR code for some idiots youtube channel! Wow what are the chances!

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