I can't find a full book.

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    your boy

    No matter how long I scour the search results, I just can’t find the right book in the extra 20^48 of books that contain the rest of the book I am looking for.

    (For comparison, let’s say I want to read and bookmark the Bee movie script. Now, I can search for 3200 characters. Assuming I read the entire book and continue on other different volumes, there would be about like pages books to burn through in order to read it all. With the capabilities we have now, I can search for a single page or so of the characters. I’d like it if I could search a whole book with the search feature, instead trying to search through 20^40 of books that fit up with the first page.)

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    Did you write “assuming I read the entire book.”? It’s gonna be three pages you illiterate

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    Unfortunately, the current iteration of the Library does not have a copy of every possible book; each page is generated independently. I think an improved version was supposed to be in the works, but we haven’t heard anything from the site’s creator.

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