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    I don’t understand how the algorithm can recognize English words and present results in pages full of real words.

    I understand how it can present results amongst incoherent series of letters, but I don’t get the full English words pages. The rest of the Library fills me with enthusiasm, but this part makes no sense to me. Could someone explain how this works ? Do I make sense ?

    Thanks a lot !

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    The search algorithm isn’t really going through books until it finds a page containing English words; it takes your phrase and inserts random English words (from a dictionary database of some kind, I imagine) around it. It’s just like the random-letter option, except instead of generating one letter at a time, it’s generating one word at a time, with spaces in between them all.

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    Doesn’t it go against the principle of the library then ? The algorithm isn’t supposed to “create” pages by filling them with letters or words, it is supposed to bring you a preexisting page already filled with a combination of random letters, be it intelligible or not. Given the extremely small chance of finding a page filled with intelligible words, I find it very weird that the system could find a page of real words and bring it to us. The pages filled with random letters, as they are theoretically much more frequent make more sense to me.

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    If every book in the Library truly “existed” and was in storage, you’d need so much storage space that you could turn the entire observable universe into an HDD and that still wouldn’t be nearly enough. To get around that, this site uses an algorithm to match a hexagon number, book position, and page position with the contents of each page.

    Truly having every book already stored is physically impossible, so this is as close as we can get.

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    I can’t help you that much except that storing this entire shit would require such a dickload of storage space no one can and will be imagine in the entire history of the Universe. please note that in u can find some juicy stuff. since Jonathan Basile refuses to release the source code you’re seriously busted today m8.

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