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    How do I get my past and future images

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    You don’t. The Universal Slideshow simply shows you random images that are created through an algorithm. It is possible to find an image of your choosing, but you cannot find an image that depicts an event that hasn’t occurred yet, unless you are really lucky. Because although the image of that past and future exist in the slideshow, you would have to go though an insanely large amounts of junk images to find them. And you don’t even know if it is accurate or not. The slideshow is an experiment, to show how every possible image exists within it, but it only has meaning if you attach that meaning to the image itself.

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    amit singh shah

    my name is amit and am 27 year old . dob 2 nd july 1991 delhi is the place where iwas born

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    Ed Gore

    You CAN actually get your past and future images… just upload them into the system.

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    NO! That’s not how it works! You can’t get your past and future images without having them first. Because again, although they are there, you cannot access them unless you are really, REALLY lucky.

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    That would be interesting however, as if there was a tool to tag and search entries in babel images. Just the work needed to make that happen code-wise, might be a pita.

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    Ed Gore

    @Tux well I did say “upload,” which means that you have them… so I’m not quite sure why you’re arguing with me over that

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