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    Just think about it, if you can make a Textual Library, with all possible books ever, and a Visual Library, with all possible pictures ever, then with enough code, You could make an Audio Library, with all possible Sounds ever! I think that would be pretty cool! Who agrees with me?!

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    I’m actually working on that right now (or at least whenever I find some time). It’s not difficult at all; you’d just have to set a limit to the audio length (I’ll go with 1min max). You can then easily generate every possible .wav audio file 🙂

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    Manuel Reinsperger

    If I may point you to, you could find what you are looking for.

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    Hey Manuel,

    I have already installed your booklet and I think it’s great! The sounds are very beautiful, however, it is not complete – in a sense that it can not create every possible sound, but just a subset created with a chosen set of notes and pauses. Obviously you can’t create every possible sound out of the Library of Babel since the 3200 characters of a page provide way too little information.
    The thing that I’m working on is independent from the LoB and will be able to generate every possible 16Bit wavefile that is up to one minute long (whether it’s an extract of Rachmaninoff’s 2nd Piano Concerto, the acceptance speech of the next President of the USA or just a plain buzz) – basically every imaginable sound 🙂

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    Manuel Reinsperger

    Hey Keiwan,

    I know this has been forever ago, but I just stumbled onto this website again.

    By the incredible chance of you seeing this, did you ever get somewhere with your idea?

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