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    I stumbled across this place recently, and have found myself caught like a fly in its horrible, unending webs, hypnotized by its astounding, false promises. I run a few searches, browse a few pages, and then shut it down again when some voice of reason reminds me that I am wasting my time, that there is nothing to be found here. Yet back I come, to the whispering Siren’s song of this awful, impossible place, foolishly searching for something that can never be found.

    There exists here, the answers to every question I might think to ask, along with a virtual infinitude of those I would never think to ask. An almost endless Wiki encompassing all of that reality which can be written.

    If I only knew where to look, I could find the cure to cancer. Somewhere here are instructions on how to build a working time machine. How to create wormholes. A list of planets on which to find intelligent life, and how to contact them. The entire histories of those distant civilizations, from their very beginnings, to their very ends. Just sitting here, in this library, just waiting for someone to come along and read, is the truth about what happens after we die. Clear instructions on how to achieve bliss, how to heal the world, how to transcend matter.

    I know, for almost certain, that somewhere here is the true meaning of life, written, as though by God himself, in the most succinct, poetic language possible, written perfectly for my mind’s understanding, addressing me personally, and with a deep knowledge and sympathy for my life.
    Somewhere here is my entire genetic code, spelled out. My entire genetic code with small adjustments to give me different coloured eyes and a smaller nose. I might find the entire story of my life here. The entire story of my life as written by Charles Dickens. The entire story of my life as a Shakespeare play. The entire story of my life written by George Lucas, in which every instance of my name is replaced with “Luke Skywalker”. The entire story of my life as written by Stephen King, as a space opera set on Mars, in which I am a purple-people-eater and feature as a side-story to the main plot which is about Zapp Brannigan defeating Harry Potter in an interplanetary Super Mario tournament.

    And this is where the diabolical lunacy of this place begins to become apparent. There is absolutely no possibility which does not exist here. There are a million million tales of insanity and nonsense. Vast oceans of mad jabberings and meaningless drivel. Ridiculous tales about nothing, that go nowhere, that make sense, but from which nothing l can be gleaned. Useless ramblings ranging smoothly from coherent and artful, through confusing and mediocre, to impenetrable and loathsome. An unimaginably vast plane of pointlessness, whose surface curves imperceptibly like the surface of a planet, from one topic to another, each location undetectably different from the last but in total forming a slow gradient of subject matter sprawling out in all directions, further than the mind can see.

    But worse, is the knowledge that for whatever beauty and enlightenment one can envisage as hidden here, there is a dark and terrible underbelly. For every angel of truth you might find here, there are a million devils that hate you. You might find the story of your life, in which everything goes wrong, in which you suffer the most unimaginable bad luck, in which you are tortured mercilessly in ways that no human has ever imagined. Scientific papers on how most effectively to destroy you and reduce you to the worst kind of misery. Instruction manuals on how to remove your brain, keep it alive in a jar, and subject it to constant pain and hallucinations tailored perfectly to your personal worst fears.

    Here live a trillion demonic liars and satanic pretenders, all of whom will skilfully convince you to believe some terrible falsehood which will lead to your downfall and the downfall of those you love. Every possible deception is contained within these archives, every imposter and every fraud, presented as intelligent, reasonable and good – utterly persuasive and completely evil. The next Hitler is waiting here to be unleashed upon the world, along with blueprints for how to pervert nature, ruin the planet, and enslave humanity. The true end of the world is in here somewhere, and in many places.

    I hate this place. This nightmarish, confounding place which contains everything and nothing. This place should not exist.

    And yet, back I come, to stupidly trawl through the trillions upon trillions of miles of completely random garbage, driven by some hopeful, idiot part of my mind that wants to believe that I might magically stumble across something that makes sense. Maybe fate will lead me miraculously to some message, some small sentence or paragraph that I was always meant to find. Maybe if I just believe enough, God will speak to me.

    There is nothing here but madness.

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    My favorite thing about this post is that it already existed in the Library before you said it

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    [X] rekt [ ] not rekt

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    This was the single most beautiful thing I have ever read

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    Your post has already been written in these two pages

    i don’t know why i searched it up…somehow it makes it worse.

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    Wow! Beautifully written! Fabulously captures the awesome yet hopelessly unrealizable potential of The Library of Babel.

    I haven’t read the original book, but, this sounds like the words of one of the people placed in the ‘original’ Library; like it’s a quote from the book.

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    A beautiful summary of the nearly infinite wonder of the Library.

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    Clarence Jenkins

    The worst part really, is that everything you described is hidden behind 10^300 pages of sakhoihdd8duda9da,as,acocaoa,,,, ,,ac,a,s,saosaoaosc aosajccjscosjcoasccjcocascaccsassac,ascas csacacnacsa sac saiaudqoqpqw pbqdphqdqwwqdcpnc,opznxzkn

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    Allow me to quote the Library of Babel on this one

    the limits are set to 3200 characters, so any written account of anything that requires more than this limitation won’t necessarily exist. one could conceive of consecutive pages that work in concert with each other, but you’d be fuckin damned to actually find such things. given this limitation we may rest easy knowing that concepts of complexity are not to be found. let’s say the average word length for a complex idea is 6 letters. a 3200 character collection would give you about a 533 word report. could you end human suffering in 500 words

    source cited:,ayoymxc,tcj,r,jc64

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    The greatest thing about this whole thread is that everything we have said, thought, written and done is already somewhere in the hexagons.

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    Was just about to say that

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    We’ll the thing about this website is that not only are there these things but there are also an infinite number of lies with no indication that it is one certainly everything we find we can try but there is no promises of success and that’s the truth of infinity. You know how it is the multiverse theory doesn’t cover paradox situations except in the universe’s where it does

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    I think the point of this has been lost. In the Bible it says that God gave to man all animals of the world to name, just as we have not created this library or even its idea, we are endowed with the responsiblity to find our own meaning in its pages, to name for ourselves what has meaning in the pages. Any demons of lies, weavers of deception, may mearly be truly meant for another, for most of tuth is in semantics. So few are truths universal that those are the ones to be passed to others and the rest of your truth is your path to discover. For what is one man’s trash but another’s treasure.

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    shit’s HUGE m8, believe me

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    Nathaniel P.

    In reference to the library and my view on it
    “If your walking through hell, keep walking” -Winston Churchhill

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