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    if anyone can find a full length book, which there is one, I just want someone to find at least one. the title doesn’t have to match. it doesn’t even have to be word-for-word. I just want to know that one exists.

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    I’m afraid you will be waiting for quite a long while.

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    what about this? although, i’m not sure I completely understand if this was actually in existence before i searched it??


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    @petor: That’s just a single page. Finding a full book is much more difficult.

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    Ed Gore

    The search box is limited to 3200 words, which is less than 7 single spaced pages. The definition of a book does not limit the number of pages, but I would call 7 pages a booklet, not a full length book. So, unless you insist that a full length book can consist of less than seven type written pages, then there are no full length books in the library of babel.

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    @Ed Gore: Apologies for any confusion. Allow me to clarify. When I meant “full book”, I meant it in the context of the ones that are found in the Library – a volume of 410 pages, each composed of 3200 characters (80 lines per page, 40 characters per line). Full books exist in it somewhere, but you have a much greater chance of finding a specific hydrogen atom in our universe.

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    Well, depending on how you look at it, this may be considered a full book:


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