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    Will Ackerman

    First of all, take a look at this extract i ‘found’ (on wall: 4, shelf: 2, volume: 6 and page 216) in this book:


    Okay i didn’t “find it”, i typed in lol surrounded by spaces into the “search” bar. I think my point is, if this library allegedly contains all possible combinations of letters, commas, ‘periods’ and SPACES then surely we’d see frequent examples in various books throughout the library where there are large portions of blank spaces, or even whole pages of nearly completely blank spaces. In my experience, i’ve only come across some examples where letters are only spaced apart by 3 or 4 spaces, (granted i haven’t had the pleasure to scout the whole ‘Library’ for these wider spaces i’m looking for as proof to whether or not the library just copies and pastes what you search for into the middle of a random place and then saves it into the database) which is surprising due to the logical probability of even whole lines being missing frequently OR EVEN INFINITELY! thinking about it, if this website were to store every combination of letters, commas, ‘periods’ and SPACES, then surely given that: ‘x y’ , ‘x y’ and ‘x y’ etc. are classed as different combinations, then this can go on infinitely and (given that what i’m saying is true) we would almost definitely see examples of these large portions of space in the books VERY frequently. I know this seems like a bizarre ‘theory’ but the page i think i could have possibly ‘made’ (linked at the top here) proves that the library takes on the formula of counting multiple spaces as different combinations, effectively proving my ‘theory’ and questioning the legitimacy of this website. I am of course open to being told i’m wrong and that there’s a way that this whole spaces idea can be thrown out the window, but i’d really like concrete proof rather than just being told it’s a case of probability and / or the library is too large for my comprehension.

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    Will Ackerman
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    Will Ackerman

    also, a further note if i may, i sound quite stubborn in my original post here, i’d like to say that this isn’t even really my true belief of what the website’s really about, i’m sure there’s some algorithm itself working somewhere and that all possible combinations are genuinely in the library because maths and computers are a thing, but i couldn’t really get over the whole ‘infinite spaces’ idea. Maybe if someone could explain why the whole ‘infinite spaces’ idea isn’t a thing in itself rather than how the whole website works, if that makes any sense?

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    Will Ackerman

    further, further note, the ‘x y’ ‘x y’ ‘x y’ segment actually contains and extra space each time going left to right, the extra spaces just got taken out when i submitted.

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    A space counts as a character. The probability of any character appearing is 1/29, since the Library uses 29 different characters (the 26 letters, the space, the period, and the comma). Thus, the frequency of n spaces in a row, out of all sequences of n characters, is given by:

    1 / 29^n

    Five spaces in a row, for example, will appear in roughly 1/20551149 of all sequences of five characters. It’s not unusual that you’re not finding any!

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    Will Ackerman

    I see, very interesting, does this then mean that there’s an infinite number of total pages? or does the number of consistently reoccurring characters cap at a certain point? and would there be such a thing as a blank book within the library?

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    Will Ackerman

    also, wouldn’t it be 1/20511149?

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    Will Ackerman

    I also find it difficult to fathom the fact that 100,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000,000 pages look like this: https://libraryofbabel.info/bookmark.cgi?………

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    Will Ackerman

    my bad: https://libraryofbabel.info/bookmark.cgi?rolrxzhrkotxrkn143 the bookmark doesn’t seem to like having periods in it

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    Well, this version of the Library isn’t very accurate, and each page generates independently of the others. As a result, it’s unlikely (next to impossible, really) that you’d find a book with two blank pages in a row, because there’s nothing saying that pages need to generate in a specific order. There are 29^3260 possible pages, which is huge, but still finite (although pages repeat some number of times throughout the Library, I believe.) A true representation of the Library would have all 29^(a million or so) books. I forgot the exact number.

    Ah, yes, I messed up when typing out the fraction. 1/20511149 is correct.

    But there are so many of these pages; far more than the number you typed, in fact. Scrambling the 26 letters with some periods, commas, and spaces will give you gibberish practically all of the time. It’d be amazing if someone naturally found a single normal sentence without using search, and to my knowledge that’s never happened yet.

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    It’s likely that you’re just fixated on reading in English, where the average word is five or six letters long, and thus you see a space every few characters. In the library, only 1/29 of the characters can be expected to be spaces, so pages look way more dense.

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    The odds of there being more than 4 spaces together are EXTREMELY low.

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    Cody Taylor

    I read that it doesn’t contain every possible book exactly. Just every possible page. So until you can search by whole book volumes and not just 3200 characters (a page) then it wouldn’t be truly complete. But I’m un sure when that bit of algorithm would be created to be able to create every book combo possible. That is what I hope for in the future

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