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    This thread got bumped recently, and it answers your question pretty well.

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    Essentially, you’re quite likely to use even more space storing locations in the image archives than you would if you just saved the images directly.

    Why are you bothering to store faces? Big social media companies already make effective use of it, so I don’t see you getting much out of it.

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    Look, Raymond, it’s not easy to progress with the technological narratives that form our symbiotic relationship with the elements. However, we must lease this great Archive Image technology to store unique DNA footprints with image analysis.

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    Which won’t work.

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    Of course it will work, you just need to think beyond platonic configurations and realize that the human genome is a whole whose sum of its parts is greater than itself. The lauded double helix can be imprinted in computer pixels with facilitated visual engraving methods.

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