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    Hey, I am a high schooler that discovered this website on reddit the other day. I am absolutely blown away.

    Instead of having to remember long bits of binary or code is it possible that a computer could remember a long string of information through hex codes (like we have already). That way whenever it needs to recall something instead of actually storing the full series of information is could use the formula to recreate it based upon the hex value.

    Essentially the only thing that the computer or human would have to remember would be the hex code which would usually be much smaller and less memory intensive than the information you are trying to retrieve. (line number? i.e. 20-100 for a long series of information)

    So essentially a computer could contain much more information without actually having the whole string saved. (would it be possible to retrieve code or binary?)

    I am honestly starting to confuse myself. I don’t believe I have a strong enough background in computers or the algorithm of the library of babel to make these assumptions but I wanted to see if my idea made sense to anyone else. Thanks!

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    Hey 🙂

    As far as I’m concerned how the algorithm on this website works and how my own algorithm that I implemented into my 3D version of the Library works, I think that I have to disappoint you. The HexNumbers in combination with the position of the page in the hexagon are already the exact amount of information you need to create a page. Nothing in the process is being compressed so that it would take up significantly less space than the page itself.

    Also if a computer wanted to store the hexNumbers as strings it would still have to convert those strings into base 2 (binary code) so that it could then actually store them. This is due to the way that computers are built, namely the fact that they only “know” 1 and 0 (meaning (enough) voltage or no/not enough voltage) which is the only way a computer stores and processes information.

    I hope this helped (and if anything I said above was wrong feel free to correct me) 🙂

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