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    Stefan Weston

    IS there a program/ application that can serve as an offline version of this. Like an application that uses the same algorithm that this site uses and has the same function as this site but offline. Is this possible?

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    Jonathan Basile

    It’s definitely possible – I’m working on building it now, and hopefully will be finished by early next year.

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    Prince Demitri

    Hey Jonathan! I just sent you an email asking this very question. Then I thought to myself, “Self, if you have this question, don’t you think someone else might have also asked it in the forums?” To which I replied to myself, “I should check!”

    So I checked, and it turns out I was correct, because here it is! It’s awesome to hear that you’re working on it. I look forward to it’s release.

    P.S. Do you have a Patreon account I can subscribe to?


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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey Demitri! I’m glad to hear that you’re looking forward to the library expanding, and I really appreciate that you’re interested in supporting it. I don’t have an account on Patreon – but if you’d like to help the library I’ve set up this page for donations:

    Webhosting is becoming more expensive as the site grows in popularity, so I really appreciate all the help users are able to give.


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    Hey I am very curious myself, is it by any chance still a possibility to have an offline version?

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    How did this go?

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    Would it help if a small donation could be given in exchange for a downloadable offline version? I see some interesting uses for this tool that might be compromised or rendered useless if your site is unreachable for whatever reason.

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    I would be very much interested in an update on this.

    I have ideas to put it on a small USB and make a hex necklace, and to have a version for my writing laptop that stays offline. The Library is such a beautiful concept I want it around all the time!

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    This is an awesome website, and it would be awesome to shorten my text messages with it!

    Haha, I’m kidding, but seriously… Work on it! I’d pay $10 for a dvd/blueray with both programs (images and books) and a folder of pre-found items!

    Keep up the good work!

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    Any word on this? Would love to have an offline version.

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    I am also interested in this! Any updates yet?

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    Dipen jethwani


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    Dipen jethwani


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    You can just look there’s an app of playstore, “library of babel 3D” that works the way you want.

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