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    If I “search” for an image and go left, let’s say one image, to an infamous noise picture and save that image and search for it, it doesn’t return me to the same place. It’s a completely different noise image somewhere else in the gallery.

    But that’s not even the big news!! When I get to my “new” noise image picture and go right expecting to see the original image mentioned in the first sentence, I see something quite interesting!

    It’s a noise image, of course, but not a normal one. Sorry I don’t have an example but I’ve tested it several times and you can try it too.

    Why do these two things happen?

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    I tried it a few times just now, and it was hit or miss, but I did end up getting something most of the time. I see what you mean. I get a typical noise pattern, but when going to the next image, you get some that have visible splotches or dark patches.

    You might actually be onto something, and I’m wondering if it’s probably a flaw in the Image Search feature. Try it with the 3 images on the About page (“amazingtechnicolordreamgoat.jpg”, “borges2.jpg”, and “bookman2.jpg”). All 3 of them gave me a dark rectangle in the bottom right corner of the image. The one from using the goat image is particularly interesting, though. There’s a variety of shapes visible, and you can almost make out some kind of after-image burned into the noise:

    On the left, I can see a cone-like shape (pointy side up) with a ball on top, on the bottom right is the corner of a rectangle, and above that corner is some kind of standing pole with 2 or 3 prongs, like a coat hanger or a tree branch and it has a light bulb shape above it. This is easier to see with a non-IPS screen, like a TN panel, so you can move around and shift the colors around.

    Cool discovery!

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    Obviously this is a Jumanji situation where someone is trying to communicate with you through uploaded images.

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    Such an amazing discovery! I’ve tried it a couple of times and I see what you mean.

    Okay, so I know that the first thing is caused by the “JPEG” effect, in which the image loses quality (see this topic for more info), but I’m clueless about the second one.

    I don’t think this is an error, in fact, I think this may be caused by the algorithm itself and the way images are generated, maybe doing some pattern… but since I don’t know how this works I can’t help much.


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