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    How can you simply have every book available, do you have any licenses?

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    It’s easy programming. You can do it on paper if you want, but computers are much faster.

    Start with writing the letter A on one line. Next line is B. Then C, D, E… until you reach Z. Next line is AA, then AB, AC, AD… until you reach AZ. Then it’s BA, BB, BC, BD… until ZZ. Then AAA, AAB, AAC.

    At some point, you’ll reach simple words like “GO”, “AND”, “BAT”, “SEE”. After a while, you will have entire sentences.

    Notice a pattern? Now, obviously the pages are 3200 letters long. Just apply the same idea to a book with 410 of those pages (3200 x 410 = 1,312,000 letters). That’s how the Library is able to contain every book possible. It just shows you all of the combinations in a randomized order, which you can also ask where a specific book is. Let’s use the example above. If you wanted to find the book with “Z”, it’s pretty easy. It’s the 26th book. The book with “AA” is number 27, and the book with “AZ” is 52.

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    Ed Gore

    In short the whole library is a propaganda scheme

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    I just wanted an excuse to post this haiku I wrote.

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