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    While searching a meaningful word or a part of a sentence, is there a way to get the remaining meaningful words or sentence? If there is any functionality there, how can we explore that?

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    There’s not really a way to find multiple missing words. The size of the Library makes that such a monumental task, that you’d spend a large chunk of your life doing so. The best thing you can do is begin to type a meaningful sentence, but then comb through the search results to find the next word. For example, you could search for “today is a great day for” and then using the “with random English words” seeing what the last word should be. You’ll mostly run into nonsense words that won’t make any sense like “thermometer” or “jurisdiction”, but eventually you might find something that completes the phrase. I tried just now, and after a few pages got “chess”. I looked at a few more pages of results, probably about 15 or so, and then got “accomplishments”.

    So in that way, you could use the Library to recommend an activity, answer a question, or complete a sentence for a book you may be writing and not sure which word to pick next.

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