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    your question is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated to answer easily. first u should accept that with overwhelming probability you’ll get a bunch of characters that you can identify as random (not true random, and not even near to it, but you CAN identify). because your language skills contain english, and possibly german, french, maybe even finnish, you are assuming what you see as random and meaningless text. let’s roll a random page! if there pre-existed some language in which that page is intelligible, then we are ready, congratulations.

    however, with overwhelming probability you’ll roll something ‘nabfizabchzkhjffae..afdgjaeg usagdfedf’.

    with a sufficiently gigantic-gigantic-gigantic number of random rolls you might get a page for which the pre-existed language is english. please note that it is still just a random bunch of characters, but you will actually understand it as you own the pre-existed lang.

    do u get me m8?

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    if you’re a kiddo, indeed, then probably the following explanation makes more sense:

    I’ve got a friend, named Fred, who doesn’t speak English at all, however, he is native in Zkkeaffadstrrl. fortunately I can speak both English and Zkkeaffadstrrl. I introduced him into this website, he rolled, and got the following text:

    ‘somewhere over the rainbow’

    he was pretty mad, as this is just a random bunch of characters he can’t understand. I secretly laughed my ass off as I know for sure that its literal translation to Zkkeaffadstrrl is:


    note that you can roll the latter, you’ll never identify it as a fragment of sentence in Zkkeaffadstrrl that actually makes sense, so you’ll get mad and roll again.

    the overwhelming majority of strings you can roll here will not make any sense in English and in Zkkeaffadstrrl, either.

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    I don’t even think this is a clever parlor trick of math, I simply think it’s a pastebin clone with a backstory.

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    First 67 verses of Divina Commedia by Dante Alighieri

    the hex is : 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

    wall : 4
    Shelf : 1
    volume : 13
    page: 330

    glad to enrich this forum

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    why the hell don’t you paste it with the usual bookmarking?

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    On a side note, Bibliotecarios? That name sounds pretty…unorthodox. I’ve never really heard of librarians being called bibliocarios.

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    I would like some guidance as to browse and locate the things i am searching for
    please help

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    Leo Diamond

    Here’s my question, and I apologize if this has already been discussed..

    What if I did all the leg work required to find the entire Harry Potter series in the library of babel and then shared with you a list of links so that you could read Harry Potter within babel? Wouldn’t you be reading the book for free? Has copyright infringement taken place?

    Let’s take it a step further.. what if I write a program that will do the legwork for me? A program that almost instantly navigates Babel and finds the Harry Potter series for me. Then uses each page location to import the story into a reader. Let’s call it the Babel Reader. If the first scenario is legally sound than wouldn’t the second be?

    Now imagine a website that completely undermines the ebook industry by allowing you to read a copy written book THROUGH Babel, so long as at least one paid for copy was first used to find the correlating version within Babel. And the links to each page are simply shared as quite simply that; links to pages within Babel.
    And as more books are paid for then scanned in and shared, and as this begins to gain traction in popularity, will copyright infringement eventually be considered?

    Is the line blurry yet?

    Will the library be at fault or the program that makes the searching easy? Or the program that makes the sharing easy? Because if all these ideas are found illegal than so too must the library of Babel itself. Or at least the act of sharing results. Perhaps the SEARCH feature is illegal and only the BROWSE feature would survive this scenario.

    I would jog your memory back to the early days of Napster. It’s very invention required leagues of new laws to be written. It was all new territory.
    Could this, the library of Babel, be similar?

    I mean it couldn’t actually be tolerated if it were to grow in popularity could it? Can you undermine a copyright simply by running a book through an algorithm and reassembling it on the other side?

    Key master, have you considered this? And what would you say or do if you found out that entire scores of books were being shared using what you created?

    Side note… I just may take it upon myself to do the legwork for one such book, to be the first example.
    I don’t mean to ruin a good thing, I mean to follow a thought experiment through to its conclusion the way it ought to be.
    The end result will be a lengthy list of links that can be clicked in order to read a copy written book within your library. Any suggestions on which book?

    This will bring to light something about your beautiful creation that perhaps , if we are lucky, breaks down the walls of the laws exposing flaws.

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    Is there a way to hack the site and insert directly some text at any place?
    Is there a way to modify a text by same hack means?
    The code is published somewhere?

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    the website is still not at fault at all. cause its probability. even this thin that im writing will appear on the library because of the probability. he never inputs any copyrighted material on it. thus he is not infringing any of it, unless someone copyright this whole thing. you just have countless, tho its finite but very very large in number, of probabilities that these combination of words will appear. its just happen that a whole book can be found in these probabilities. on the other hand, any book that will be written in the future will be probably here too. if so should the creator sue the future writer of a certain book? because if we use your argument, technically, he is considered to be the one who done it first, and others was just copying. it like everything is already written and just waiting to be discovered.

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    Danilo Angelo

    Hi Leo Diamond,

    The way I see it, the entity that compiles and distributes the links to the pages of copyrighted material will be infringing the copyright. The LOB is just the media, not the aggressor.

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    As far as I see it… the whole copyright thing just seems like a pile of bullshit since this website actually proves that all the works in the world are just a combination of characters. Basically, every single book is just an authors way to bend the algorithm and avoid useless noise(unreadable generated pages).

    As far as I know, a copyright cannot be requested on something intangible, though, I cannot be sure if that is any relevant here.

    In the end, I want to notice that this website DOES NOT store the actual books and copyrighted materials. All there is on this website is the mathematical formula and a random-generated code that only in combination with this formula will end up in a certain result. It will take ages to find all the certain books pages here so I wouldn’t even dare to try.

    I literally don’t see any reason why you would raise this topic this frequently. The only thing I see on this website is a great amount of work put into it, a smart person who’d made all this and the nice community that develops the idea further.


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    Also, I am very sorry that I expressed my thoughts here. I think there should be an only-book locations thread on this forum where admin or moderator will delete any irrelevant messages. Thanks for the attention, the finds are incredible, I can’t believe that people found such pages in this kind of randomly generated environment!

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    If an artist acts like that then they have officially lost my respect.

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    Donald Canaday

    I’m wondering if more sophisticated searches could be made. Instead of just searching for strings, we eliminate pages that have an abundance of rarely used letters like q and x, as well as those that have a dearth of commonly used letters, like the vowels.

    Eliminate pages that have a period or comma that isn’t followed by a space. Eliminate pages that have a space that isn’t followed by a letter.

    We could come up with statistics on how often certain characters are used on average in normal written-by-a-person English prose, as well as the standard deviation. Then we search for pages that match those averages the closest. The closest matches come to the top of the list.

    Add to that search commonly used words like “the,” “and,” and “but.”

    On typical pages there will be plenty of long letter strings without a space. Eliminate those.

    Eliminate pages that have too many consonants in a row. (Might get triggered by acronyms though.)

    Who knows what we might find. More elegant gibberish perhaps.

    Also how long would it take? String searches come up almost instantly, but actually looking at and deciding which pages are worthy of human eyes and which ones to eliminate could take quite a while.

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