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    your question is waaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaay too complicated to answer easily. first u should accept that with overwhelming probability you’ll get a bunch of characters that you can identify as random (not true random, and not even near to it, but you CAN identify). because your language skills contain english, and possibly german, french, maybe even finnish, you are assuming what you see as random and meaningless text. let’s roll a random page! if there pre-existed some language in which that page is intelligible, then we are ready, congratulations.

    however, with overwhelming probability you’ll roll something ‘nabfizabchzkhjffae..afdgjaeg usagdfedf’.

    with a sufficiently gigantic-gigantic-gigantic number of random rolls you might get a page for which the pre-existed language is english. please note that it is still just a random bunch of characters, but you will actually understand it as you own the pre-existed lang.

    do u get me m8?

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    if you’re a kiddo, indeed, then probably the following explanation makes more sense:

    I’ve got a friend, named Fred, who doesn’t speak English at all, however, he is native in Zkkeaffadstrrl. fortunately I can speak both English and Zkkeaffadstrrl. I introduced him into this website, he rolled, and got the following text:

    ‘somewhere over the rainbow’

    he was pretty mad, as this is just a random bunch of characters he can’t understand. I secretly laughed my ass off as I know for sure that its literal translation to Zkkeaffadstrrl is:


    note that you can roll the latter, you’ll never identify it as a fragment of sentence in Zkkeaffadstrrl that actually makes sense, so you’ll get mad and roll again.

    the overwhelming majority of strings you can roll here will not make any sense in English and in Zkkeaffadstrrl, either.

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    I don’t even think this is a clever parlor trick of math, I simply think it’s a pastebin clone with a backstory.

Viewing 3 posts - 46 through 48 (of 48 total)
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