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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey AoV,

    The text you download should contain your page, as well as all 409 other pages in that book. The hexagon code will appear at the end of the text document.

    Your page of text should be in there.

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    kevin shealy

    Is there any way that a feature could be added allowing users to search for items based on the page number on which it appears? E.g. searching “this text will appear on page nine”, and further gleaning random english word results by displaying books where, in fact, that text appears on page 9. I feel as though the that would lead to interesting discoveries.

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    If you search for the title “how to create a universe” the total results seem relatively small so could a programming not search through them books\pages until it found readable stuff relating to the title in some way?

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    Actually if someone had a copy of a book searched and found that book then posted in this forum where to find that book, would make it possible for everyone to read it without purchasing it.

    In fact The index of this library would be the most valuable thing known to man. The index of this library would give the possesor ultimate power to know everything, to know the very mysteries of the universe, to know meaning of life, but it is impossible to have such an index without also knowing everything. Because in order to find the mysteries of the universe you have to first know what your looking for which is impossible unless you already know it.

    So all we can do with this is find what we already know. It is up to those who know, to show others where to find it.

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    Location of Ready Player One – Ernest Cline

    Hexagon :


    Volume 28
    shelf 4
    wall 3

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    What page number? The book’s 410 pages long, and the first ten and last ten pages are just gibberish.

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    Page 189 after much clicking!

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    and another – if the author had been thinking differently about coin-ops.,l14

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    and one more… as every alternative historic outcome is in this mind-bending library:

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    Can anybody explain how the “random” page cycle works? Is it actually random or does it follow some kind of long pattern starting from one of a few preset starting pages? Could this lead to a user seeing the same page twice? Sort of like how in itunes you will have a random cycle of songs but it always plays the same handfull of songs early in the cycle.

    Also would it be a good idea to have users filter the pages they view or search. Either marking it “interesting” or “not interesting”.(sort of like how tinder works) Those pages would be taken out of the random cycle and archived for people to search or browse. Could this eventually help us find patterns or information that could help us navigate the hex more easily.

    I was also curious about how the entire library is writen from start to finish. Is there a certain section of the library that the english language will start to appear and then dissapear back into random characters?

    Thank you for taking the time to read this.

    Sorry if my questions seem stupid. I dont know anything about computer programs or code. Just very curious about this library and its potential.


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    The library doesn’t actually contain anything. I think all that is going on is some sort of encryption. If you look close, when you search for something the so-called “location” ends up being a pretty big chunk of random looking text. Usually around 3200 characters or so. I’m guessing this very large number representing the “Hexagon location” is actually your search string (padded with random text if less than 3200 characters) encrypted. And somehow the remainder of the location (wall, shelf, volume, page) is used as part of a key or seed for the encryption algorithm. Thus by providing all the details of the “location” in the library, you are actually plugging in your ciphertext with decryption key into the algorithm and viola! You’ve “found” your text in the library. Clever trick. I actually fell for the “library” story until I figured out there is NO WAY every bit of text ever written or ever will be is in there. The creator even admits this. This magical and mystical “algorithm” is just a simple encryption engine. Nothing more.

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    It’s just an old but good math trick. You have the parameters of the “library” defined from the start. A string of 3200 characters, using a fixed “alphabet” of 29 unique symbols. Essentially what you’re doing is creating a virtual “list” of every possible combination of 3200 characters using your fixed alphabet. Anything you can type using those 29 characters within 3200 bytes will be “in there.” It’s just factorials. The “search engine” is nothing more than a simple encryption engine. The lottery is an example of the same gimmick that tricks people out of their hard-earned cash every day.

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    So sorry to disappoint. But your first impression when seeing this site was actually correct. It is just a trick. Albeit, a clever one. Your “search text” doesn’t actually pre-exist in the library. Aside from the complex math and encryption gyrations, it really is just taking whatever you type and spitting it back at you surrounded by random text, or spaces, or random dictionary words. The encryption part is how it guarantees the reversible results when you input the “location” how each “page” is indeed unique and repeatable.

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    i found a page about me

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    I’m just a kid and find this website fascinating, can someone please explain how I can convert the text to something readable. I think i might be confused but please explain. Thanks!

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