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    Jonathan Basile

    Yes – I’m working on a downloadable version that will be open source – it will be finished early next year. In the meantime, I’m happy to answer questions about the code.

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    Has anyone encountered a copy of a full book yet, or is that still hidden within the endless abyss of chaos and entropy?

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    How do i use this program i watched it on Vsauce and i also read most of the pages but i want to become efficient at using it like to find pages and stuff could you help usher me into what i need to do into to become successful in my endeavorers?

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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey transference,

    I really think it’s best to experiment yourself and see what speaks to you. It’s hard for me to say what you should be looking for without knowing your goals.

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    Dark Ages

    Transference, when you said you “read most of the pages” I thought for a split second you were claiming that you read most of the pages of the library. I was going to call you out on that, then realized what you meant.

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    I understand that somewhere in the Library there is a page that contains the first page of the first book in the Harry Potter series. And somewhere else in the library there is another page that contains the second page of Harry Potter.(At least as much that can fit on a page) My question is is there a book somewhere in the Library that contains the entire first book of the Harry Potter series? (At least as much that can fit in the book)

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    Matt, The Library isn’t intended to have every possible book, but every possible page. There isn’t a book that mirrors an “actual” book in The Library– although every “real” book is mirrored on this library, the pages will always be scattered about various hexagons and books.

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    We kinda need to have The Library of Babels location.


    Wall: 1

    Shelf: 5

    Vol: 21

    Page: 230

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    First page of J.R.R. Tolkien’s “The Hobbit”. Right here around the fourth line.

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    I’ve only just begun searching for a complete book, but I think it should be possible. Again, take “The Library of Babel” itself for example:

    link 1
    link 2
    link 3

    Multiple exact matches for it’s first 3200 character page exists. “~10^29 possible exact matches”, apparently?

    Surely a single complete book of at least that story exists somewhere in here… right?

    If multiple exact matches for a 3200 character string can exist, is there a way of searching for multiple pages and cross referencing them to find a single book containing them each in sucsession???

    For now, here are the 6 pages of “The Library of Babel”:

    Page 1
    Page 2
    Page 3
    Page 4
    Page 5
    Page 6

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    How do I find page 2 of my story when I have only written page 1? I’d like to save some time writing the rest of my story …;-)

    How do we know this contains everything that will ever be written? Seems to me (and my puny brain) that pages do not exist until searched for the first time.

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    The page doesn’t really exist until searched for the first time, but the same thing will always be generated, so it’s pretty much pre-determined, and might as well already exist.

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    Extending what’s already been said: If you browse the library, the pages you see may not have been seen yet and therefore don’t “exist”. However, the website (or computer or algorithm or library) can figure out what’s there just from where it is. One might better it using the following analogy.

    Imagine a massive library such as The British Library or The Library of Congress, but all of the card numbers are the reverse of what they are currently. The library would seem very disorganised and hard to navigate, yet every book has a predetermined place in the library and one could figure out what a book is using only the card number.

    This is basically what’s happening here. The pages seem random, but there is a pattern which is too complex for we as humans to pick up on. In the analogy, it would be very clear that books aren’t being created by searches. In this library it is less clear, but still true. Of course, definitive proof won’t come until the source code is published or someone finds The Order. (The Order being the finite set of pages that repeat infinitely many times, creating the library.)

    I hope I’ve cleared some things up. If anyone has any corrections or comments, I’m here often, go ahead!


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    Tim Collins

    If anyone tried to sue this website and the judge actually rules in favor of them then they are clearly unfit to be a judge and should be impeached from office. This website hopefully has backups so it could go right back online.


    You cannot kill an idea.

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    Author of Void

    I discovered and downloaded a story I’ve written, but it comes in the code. Is there a way to translate the code back into English text?

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