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    I showed my dad this site and now he wants to ask if it would be possible for the search that it lists all the pages that start with the search term. Like if you search for “tree” the pages shown start with “tree” and then gibberish or other stuff…
    Would that be possible?


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    Jonathan Basile

    Hey EL,

    I’m glad youre sharing the library – intergenerationally, no less! That’s a great idea and I could definitely implement it. Initially I kept the search options simple because I didn’t want to let things get any more jumbled or confusing then they are already – but I’ll add a beginning, and an end option onto my to-do list.

    For the time being – if you follow the “more exact matches” or “more with random characters” links from the search result pages, you’ll get results with the searched for text in any possible position on the page – so some will be toward the beginning, and some toward the end – only a 1/3200 chance of getting it right at the start though.

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    May 6, 2015 at 4:57 pm

    nice todo list

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