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    OK so i am not a mathematician and i know that there are so many images it would take the a supercomputer to run the lifetime of trillions of universes before it finds something meaningful but i think i have an interesting theory to narrow down finding these meaningful images by maybe even the lifetime of our universe. So the way this could be done is with probability, since we know the images are arranged completely randomly we could probably calculate the probability of a meaningful image given we know how many image possibilities there are. so by doing this we could for example say (not accurate at all just an example) for every useless image the possibility of a meaningful one increases by 0.000…0001%. And we can calculate this number so that we only look for a meaningful image once the possibility range is above 99.999…999% of finding a useful image. while i don’t know how much we can narrow this down i do know it is possible to narrow this down by at least thousands of digits, giving us a chance to find a meaningful image in our lifetime. hope someone sees this and makes a formula that can narrow down this possibilities by an exponential amount.

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