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    Somewhere in the image and written archive is the true answer to everything. If there is a God and a Devil, their faces are there hidden among the billions upon billions of images. Every moment in history from the beginning to the end is documented here, theoretically you could make a silent movie of your life through the images within.
    It would be interesting to see if there was a way to do a face search with it someday where it takes a face you input and throws back a list of coinciding images of that face, though of course it would be almost just as endless and daunting a task as searching for the images that make a full picture as before.
    There must be horrors beyond imagination stored here along with some of the most beautiful things ever. Every death you could face hidden behind this veil of information, and every possible cause as well.
    A Creepypasta could easily be created of a person accidentally seeing their own demise and the mental anguish they face at that possible outcome for the rest of their lives.
    Or a man wasting his life searching for the secrets of existence and the truth to whether there is life after death in these pages and agonizing over trying to find out just what is real or is not.
    It almost makes you want to pause from searching the images at the remote chance that you see something that will scar you for the rest of your life.

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    Andrew Gibson

    Yes, but by the same token we are dealing with permutations so close to infinity, that you would have no way of knowing if what you are seeing is real or from a near infinite number of parallel universes or fantasy creations, so they is no reason for anything found to cause any psychological trauma for anyone. Also the chances of you ever finding anything meaningful in the near infinite soup of permutations is astonishingly small. One of the problems with infinity is that it essentially strips meaning from everything precisely because everything real or imagined is present. When there are answers to everything to be found, it’s the same as having no answers to anything.

    You could see the face of God from a parallel universe where a God exists. This does not have any bearing on reality. Nothing you find can be taken to have meaning, as it’s just one fragment of a near infinite soup everything. One thing the Library of Babel does provide is a framework for discussing the concept of infinity. Which is something Human brains are not really capable of dealing with.

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    7 Grand Dad

    ok so
    does that mean there could be a picture of you naked
    and then another one from a different universe where you’re a girl
    or one where you’re a horrific tentacle being that nobody likes

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    Sure, but the chances of encountering those (or any intelligible image) are so low that the heat death of the universe will most likely occur before you see any of it.

    It’s possible, though.

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    So you’re telling me

    there’s a chance

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    Charlie Williams

    There is indeed a chance, but that does not mean anything nor should scare you, since there is a chance for everything. The comment of Andrew Gibson is right, but I don’t agree with what he said about infinity. There can be no infinity, for according to the most of the theories, the universe is finite. Therefore, the possible combinations are also finite. I think “infinity” only exists in time and in maths.

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    The chances of you suddenly falling into a coma where you visualize many of these images from the back of your mind are much higher than finding them in the Library.

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    holy moly, in this case there is a picture of me kissing Donald Trump. this site is full with absurdly weird fap material.

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    imagine the gigantic vastness of the set of tentacle porn outta there. sheeiiiit, I love this website!

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    The TNT Tiger

    A more terrifying thought is that such horrors as revenge porn or paedophilia could be searched for in the archives, and as long as the seed is kept, it can never be lost without the algorithm itself being lost or destroyed. These disgusting things will be perpetually kept, and it raises a bit of an ethical worry for me personally.

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