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    Every now and then, if I’m on hold while calling customer support somewhere or in a web meeting, I like to kill time by looking at the Universal Slide Show in the background. I know I won’t find anything meaningful, but that’s not my aim. Instead, I try to see if there’s any sort of distinguishable shapes in the chaos, almost like gazing at the clouds. It’s a fun little way to make a boring moment a little more tolerable.

    These two images I found on two separate occasions. No cheating was involved by searching for them (except for the highlighted versions). You’ll notice that the numbers are quite small, as I simply let the slideshow run. They actually didn’t take long for me to find just letting the images go by. If you’re having trouble seeing the shapes I see, I included a version with the shapes highlighted – conveniently already located in the library, so no external image hosting necessary!

    Circles: https://babelia.libraryofbabel.info/imagebookmark2.cgi?babelia_195099619036126
    Highlighted: https://babelia.libraryofbabel.info/imagebookmark2.cgi?circles195099619036126

    Crescent: https://babelia.libraryofbabel.info/imagebookmark2.cgi?babelia_6648533419128554
    Highlighted: https://babelia.libraryofbabel.info/imagebookmark2.cgi?crescent6648533419128554

    The Circles are a little hard to see. The middle one is easy to spot, but the other ones you have to really squint and try to find them. Were you able to see other ones I couldn’t?

    The Crescent image is a bit more obvious, and it makes me wonder what it could be a part of.

    I hope my experiences enlightened your views. While they may not be significant finds, I think it’s more fun to browse the images this way.

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    Can’t really see the circles, even when highlighted, but the upper oblong area does seem to align with a band of darker pixels across the top, maybe a quarter of the way down the image. The pixels here appear denser to my automatic wet-brain image processing ;).

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    The crescent really stands out though!
    I bet nasa’s mars exploration group would like you on their structural image analysis team 😉

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    That is very interesting; but how were you able to find highlighted versions of your images? You said you “searched” for them but I dont understand how you would know what to search. Is there an option to create an image and find its match in the slideshow? I’m on mobile so my functions are pretty limited at the moment

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    @Max, yes, that’s correct. On the Image Archives page is an “Image Search” option that allows you to upload an image in order to find its location in the Library.

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