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love nonsenselovenonsen a photon, sturgeons law, and the size of everythingaphot
onstu theres this video of the solar system where you travel away from the sun a
t the speed of light, like a photon. after three minutes this photon reaches the
 first planet, mercury, which looks like a small marble. it takes more than eigh
t minutes to reach earth. it goes on and on for minutes though empty space, pass
ing a little ball every now and then. alphonse swinehart took a few liberties wh
ile creating this video. first of all, there is no sound in spacewhich can be em
ulated by switching off the sound of your device. but more importantly, all plan
ets in our solar system seem to be perfectly aligned. which in reality they are 
not. which made me realise that almost every photon that leaves the sun will nev
er meet anything at all. i had to think of this video while i was watching the u
niversal slide show in the image section on the incredible library of babel. the
 library of babel contains all texts that have ever been written, and all texts 
that will ever be written. it also contains all pictures that have ever been cre
ated, all pictures that will ever be created, and even all pictures that have ne
ver been taken every portrait of every person who has ever lived is in there som
ewhere. the universal slide show shows all of the images, one at a time. ive bee
n watching the slide show for quite a while, and so far, all of the images look 
similar an image of random noise. this made me wonder. what are the chances of h
itting an image of something that can be recognised would it be a similar change
 as a photon traveling from the sun passing by something in the solar system thi
s made me think of the ultimate conclusion of sturgeons law. sturgeons law state
s that of everything is crap. you could apply sturgeons law to the remaining , a
nd conclude that of the things that arent crap, turn out to be crap after all. a
nd so on, ad infinitum. when you replace crap with emptiness, you have the chang
es of a photon passing a rock very close to zero, but it happens. and if you rep
lace crap with noise you have the chances of seeing a recognisable image on the 
universal slide show, or finding a readable text in the library. the universe is
 filled with countless stars, and filled with even more planets and other stuff.
 but the chances of a photon ever hitting one are almost zero. the library is fi
lled with incredible amounts of readable stuff, and almost unimaginable amounts 
of recognisable images, yet the chances of stumbling upon one are almost zero. a
nd then i read that the library of babel is bigger than the universe. vasilis au
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 form an unordered list sure it is, just like a paragraph is a list of words and
 an html page is a list of tags. logorrhoea vasilis as long as the library of ba
bel exists, i... vasilis it gets even better. all the possible daily... vasilis 


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