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there is no advice here. no daily routine calendars for your kids. no hot takes,
 no jokes, no playlists, and no news. because i dont know. so instead check this
 out for a while in nineteen fortyone, jorge luis borges wrote about a thoughtex
periment he called, the library of babel in which he conceptualized a hypothetic
al universal library arranged in hexagons and shelves containing books of fourhu
ndred ten pages each with every possible combination of letters that could ever 
be written. think about it, every possible combination of letters in existence w
ould contain things like the date of your birth, the date of your death, the sto
ry of how you got your middle name, and well... would also conta
in a seemingly infinite amount of gibberish. never in your lifetime would you be
 able to flip through all the pages to stitch together something like macbeth or
 pauls letter to the romans. well, somebody was fascinated by the concept and th
ey made it. ill post the link below, but dont skip ahead just yet. this online l
ibrary really does contain every possible combination of text characters, spaces
, and other necessary punctuation that could exist with a maximum threethousand 
twohundred characters and its not some kind of internet trickery or magic...ever
y page has a permanent, unchanging address meaning it will be there forever. for
 example, everything ive just written can be found on this exact page           


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