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the royal bedchamber was a grand room, with a bed big enough for at least five p
rincesses, even though only two princesses shared it. twilight velvet had been t
here several times during the last two weeks luna and celestia felt it would be 
instructive for her to observe their lovemaking, and velvet had been a very eage
r student once she got over the surprise of learning that the two princesses reg
ularly fucked one made sense, though, in light of what theyd told twi
light velvet when they first approached her not everyone could handle getting fu
cked by an alicorn. celestia and luna could fuck each other freely, with no risk
 of harming one another but if they became involved with a normal pony, special 
magic  and a degree of caution  was required.i suppose i should get comfortable,
 said twilight velvet. she sauntered across the room, making her way between cel
estia and luna, and fell onto the bed. striking a provocative pose, she gave the
 princesses what she hoped was a confident smile. im ready, she purred.celestia,
 returning velvets smile, snapped her fingers  which was purely for show, since 
the spell she cast came entirely from her horn. velvets panties, held in celesti
as aura, slipped themselves down the mares thighs, tickling the sensitive skin a
s they descended her legs. once they passed her ankles and drifted to the floor,
 luna cast a spell of her own  and the rest of twilight velvets clothing  her dr
ess, her bra, her stockings  simply faded away like weve explained, said
 luna, approaching the foot of the bed, the magical preparations for impregnatin
g you are no simple spell. we will be performing a ritual  although my sister an
d i will be handling the more complex aspects. your role is largely passive alth
ough you can help us begin by arousing our stallionhoods.luna and celestia hefte
d their weighty cocks and set them down on the bed, making the mattress shake. v
elvet started with luna, crawling over the bed and pressing her face against the
 flared tip. the deep blue, musky flesh of lunas cock was spongy and soft as vel
vet rubbed her cheek against it. when she dragged her tongue across its surface,
 tasting its intoxicating flavor, it began to grow and stiffen.ahh, i see that y
our affection for our cocks was genuine, said luna. that is important, young twi
light velvet. your enjoyment is a crucial component of the ritual. the more powe
rful your arousal, the more easily your body can accept our immense alicorn cock
 and the better our chances of success.well, i have good news for you, said velv
et. i have never been hornier in my entire life. she licked at the head of lunas
 cock, wrapping her lips around the edge of the princess flare, running her hand
s over the smooth skin. she watched the shaft grow longer and thicker, the flesh
 expanding until it was nearly as large as velvets entire body.                 


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