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adrisected unhousing i love slow mornings, but its not even morning. a little af
ter noon. even though i set my alarm for nine am, wanting to be out of my bed by
 ten. so even just writing here is taking up valuable time i should be putting t
owards something else. the slow mornings are slow, but never really peaceful lik
e i try to pretend they are, because now it feels wasted, im anxious now, wonder
ing if ill be able to finish everything today. just taking care of myself takes 
up so much time. there are so few hours in a day. so few hours. never enough tim
e. ill watch the minutes go by and panic because i cant go any faster, or becaus
e i thought i had more time. but i shut my eyes, just because they ached, and sl
ept for an hour this morning, and i didnt feel a thing. sometimes i can watch th
e minutes go by, other times, it feels like im just losing time.  ringman squibs
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