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niversality of a somewhat lower degree than borges library. instead of all possi
ble fourhundred and ten pages long books, it holds all the threethousand and two
hundred character pages that can be composed of the twenty six english alphabet 
letters, dots, spaces and commas. this is a small and intentional deviation from
 borges librarys twentyfive orthographical symbols. it is still a huge number of
 possibilities, about ten to the power of fourthousand, six hundred and seventy 
eight possible pages. additionally, and its an important difference, unlike borg
es library, you can search basiles library and quickly find the exact location o
f any string. in fact, any search returns several tens or hundreds of pages wher
e you can find the string. the web users, unlike the trapped librarians in borge
s story, are not doomed to wander in the library and never find even one meaning
ful sentence, but rather to find in the library whatever they desire. the englis
h translation of this paragraph, for instance, is already found in the library h
ere. translations to other languages, and a hebrew version transcribed in latin 
script are also there. aerialities benefactory equibalancing racialized solecise
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