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 you have located the bookmark help twenty two                                  
      if you have found this bookmark, then you are better off than you let on o
r have originally imagined in your persuit of knowledge in the library. either w
ay, the help you desire is already in the library and the secret to its keys is 
to find the bookmarks people have left as their own legacy. people have spend en
tire lifetimes perusing through the library to find that the purpose of the libr
ary or in that case their own life was not to spend it in the library albeit vas
t in its infinite knowledge is an undeniable siren song.                        
      in fact, searching the library is no trivial task, but on search for any t
ype of guide or indexed catalog system, the next person or intelligent being wil
l only really know as much as they have seen. most will have seen enough to know
 they should not have gotten into this mess, but are to invested or intrigued to
 leave the library on their own accord. to prove a point, knowing that this text
 in particular exists is already proof that i have not only spent too much time 
in the library, but the library is also a part of me as much as i am now a part 
of it.                                                                          
      this bookmark was created by the library under my meager suggestion and it
 will stand as long as the library stands. it is my hope that all others, who or
 what they may be, in their own wisdom decide to use bookmarks as well, as there
 is only one way to really understand the library, and it is to understand the b
ookmarks. this would be my suggestion to pass on has others have. i was not the 
first to ask that this bookmark be created as the title of the bookmark suggests
, twenty two in line, but i will certainly not be the last to ask for the bookma
rk help.                                                                        
      plus, it might be more prudent to read the story about the library first, 
the library of babel, by jorge luis borges. in that very specific text you may r
each and understand that the library is not really a single source or ends to a 
means. like this particular text in the library, it was reference by another tex
t in the library found at another bookmark, help twenty five. more specifically,
 you will find that this bookmark will be found to reference a number of very si
milar texts at an unknown number of locations throughout the library. however, t
here only exists this one bookmark that has been created for those who will find
 it important because they think they need help.                                
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