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the advantage of having it generate every permutation is that not only will you 
have hamlet, and every other work shakespeare ever wrote, youll also have all th
e works that he never got around to writing. and all the , character works of he
mmingway, marx, dickens, tolstoy... the series of novels by esteemed halfbakery 
contributer frankx, as well as the bestselling biography of frankx which was pub
lished to international acclaim and which was reviewed in the new york times and
 described as perhaps the greatest biography ever written, of perhaps the greate
st human who ever lived... the lyrics of every beatles songs including the ones 
never written... and the answers to every question... the actual correct unified
 theory... the perfect and implementable guide to solving all humanitys problems
... a design and implementation method for a superintelligent altruistic
ankx, jul  twenty twenty twenty one                                             


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