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i came across the library of babel some time ago, yet it continues to intrigue m
e and allows me to indulge in the more philosophical aspects of my brain. in sho
rt, its a system that allows for mathematically generated text to be created and
 destroyed and recalled instantly. its a gem of literary creativity, even if isn
t technically a human literary achievement. as taken from their website which yo
u should really go explore, if only to marvel at the very concept of mathematica
lly generated text, it states that the library of babel is a place for scholars 
to do research, for artists and writers to seek inspiration, for anyone with cur
iosity or a sense of humor to reflect on the weirdness of existence  completed, 
it would contain every possible combination of ,, characters  it would contain e
very book that ever has been written, and every book that ever could be   at pre
sent it contains all possible pages of  characters, about  books.this means that
 every book, blog post, tweet, facebook update, article, etc. ever written or co
nsumed exists out there. which means everything that can possibly be written alr
eady has been written, regardless of whether its ever been committed to paper or
 even conceived. which reminds me of terry pratchetts lspace or neil gaimans luc
iens library or any other hypothetical space where everything written simultaneo
usly does and does not exist, just like that concept you wanted to work on, that
 poem you wanted to write about your last date, or that next entry in your diary
. its in there it just hasnt been generated and exposed to the world. not yet at
 least. but the concept also creates a lot of questions.are there be masterpiece
s of poetry hidden inside, waiting to be discovered rather than written if i fou
nd one, can i publish it as my own or is that already someone elses intellectual
 property or would the act of finding it bring it to existence furthermore, can 
i ever hope to be original if what im writing has already been written, does it 
mean i plagiarized it, even if i wasnt aware of its existence or it wasnt writte
n by a human or at least with human intent is the library of babel art should th
e entire idea or concept be considered an art project, or a mere exercise of mat
hematical magics if so, what does it mean i dont have answers to any of these qu
estions, nor do i pretend to have any. most art comes from, or references, other
 art and the library of babel certainly references other pieces of work. in fact
 it references every piece of work, real and in potentia, but not explicitly so.
 maybe its a metaphor for the creative process or a maybe its just a machine tha
t recreates something that does or doesnt really exist yet. i dont know. but it 
makes me wonder. what do you think what does this project say about creativity, 
about writing in general and about plagiarism does it say anything at all and ju
st to be clear, this blog post already existsexisted in babel.let me know and do
 like, share and subscribe. stay tuned                                          


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