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the desire that most of the librarians in borges universe suffered was the desir
e to uncover discover what they did not yet know from the librarys texts. this i
s still impossible. the search function can return whatever text one feeds into 
it, but most users desire to find something beyond what they can type out themse
lves. for example, sects formed in borges library that wanted to destroy the boo
ks they viewed as meaningless a faulty designation and an impossible task or to 
find the true index of the library. the most frequent response of visitors to th
e site is  can we mark off or remove meaningless pages to help us find the meani
ngful ones, and  can a computer program be created to search through the pages a
nd find the ones we desire. the responses of visitors to the website are similar
 to those of borges librarianshow can we find what we dont already know it seems
 the two produce a similar desire, and a similar frustration.                   


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