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d by fate,and haughty junos unrelenting hate,expelld and exild, left the trojan 
shore.long labors, both by sea and land, he bore,and in the doubtful war, before
 he wonthe latian realm, and built the destind townhis banishd gods restord to r
ites divine,and settled sure succession in his line,from whence the race of alba
n fathers come,and the long glories of majestic rome.o muse the causes and the c
rimes relatewhat goddess was provokd, and whence her hatefor what offense the qu
een of heavn beganto persecute so brave, so just a maninvolvd his anxious life i
n endless cares,exposd to wants, and hurried into warscan heavnly minds such hig
h resentment show,or exercise their spite in human woeagainst the tibers mouth, 
but far away,an ancient town was seated on the seaa tyrian colony the people mad
estout for the war, and studious of their tradecarthage the name belovd by juno 
morethan her own argos, or the samian stood her chariot here, if heav
n were kind,the seat of awful empire she designd.yet she had heard an ancient ru
mor fly,long cited by the people of the sky,that times to come should see the tr
ojan raceher carthage ruin, and her towrs defacenor thus confind, the yoke of so
vreign swayshould on the necks of all the nations lay.she ponderd this, and fear
d it was in fatenor could forget the war she wagd of latefor conquring greece ag
ainst the trojan state.besides, long causes working in her mind,and secret seeds
 of envy, lay behinddeep graven in her heart the doom remaindof partial paris, a
nd her form disdaindthe grace bestowd on ravishd ganymed,electras glories, and h
er injurd bed.each was a cause alone and all combindto kindle vengeance in her h
aughty mind.for this, far distant from the latian coastshe drove the remnants of
 the trojan hostand sevn long years th unhappy wandring trainwere tossd by storm
s, and scatterd thro the main.such time, such toil, requird the roman name,such 
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