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virtual library of babel makes borgess infinite store of books a reality  almost
 jorge luis borgess  tale about a library containing every possible combination 
of letters  every work that could ever be written  has come to life online. and 
its creator is no closer to finding anything new that makes sense jorge luis bor
gess fictional librarian claimed to have discovered books entitled the combed th
underclap, the plaster cramp and axaxaxas ml within the endless walls of the lib
rary of babel. so far, writer jonathan basiles trawling of his digital version o
f the library has only yielded the title dog.borgess seminal  story imagined an 
almost infinite library containing every possible combination of letters in a va
st collection of page books. the universe which others call the library, it begi
ns, is composed of an indefinite and perhaps infinite number of hexagonal galler
ies  the library is total and ... its shelves contain all the possible combinati
ons of the odd orthographic symbols ... that is, everything which can be express
ed, in all languages.basile has spent six months learning how to make a virtual 
version that can generate every possible page of , characters.
fo currently allows users to choose from about  potential books. the site also f
eatures a search tool, which allows users to retrieve the location in the librar
y of any known page of text. any individual page of hamlet or the bible can be f
ound in the library, but the possibility of finding any other page from the same
 work in the same volume is vanishingly small.while the library contains every p
ossible page, it does not yet hold every possible combination of those pages. if
 this restriction were lifted, basile explains on the site, the library would ho
use every book that ever has been written, and every book that ever could be  in
cluding every play, every song, every scientific paper, every legal decision, ev
ery constitution, every piece of scripture, and so on.basile evokes the comprehe
nsive nature of the librarys blind volumes, saying to take a recent example, the
 confidential documents leaked by edward snowden  will be there somewhere. its o
nly a matter of knowing where to look for them.borgess librarian recounts the di
scovery of a book composed of the letters mcv perversely repeated from the first
 line to the last, and of another, very much consulted in this zone ... a mere l
abyrinth of letters, but on the nexttothelast page, one may read o time your pyr
amids.but so far for basile, the possibility for gibberish far outweighs the pos
sibility of rationality, and even the capacity to digitally search the librarys 
books doesnt change much.the librarian who narrates the library of babel claims 
to have found volumes entitled combed thunderclap trueno peinado and the plaster
 cramp el calambre de yeso merely in the hexagons under his administration, basi
le says.after searching through endless books, both in the process of testing th
e site and because i myself cannot shake the compulsion it produces, the longest
 legible title i have found is dog. even the irrational books men               


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