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we know that many of your brothers are asking legitimate questions about the    
   reality of what you call reincarnation.                                      
this word contains in itself its own confusion by suggesting that a soul can    
   migrate to another body after the death of the old one.                      
   in this crude sense, reincarnation does not exist.                           
when a new oemii is formed, when the embryo reaches the stage of gastrula,      
   booawa is united to the forming body. the link that connects oemii to booawa 
   and booawa biaeii ..oembooaw.. is univoque and  persists throughout the      
   entire life of the oemii. when the oemii dies, booawa merges into bb.        
this does not mean that reincarnation is a myth and that the soul of a deceased 
   person can not be expressed through another person. no.                      
even if the soul can not dress or reinvest another body, it can partially       
   impregnate another oemii. in this sense the word reincarnation is not        
   appropriate. we will try to explain it simply, although the processes        
   involved are very complex.                                                   
when booawa dips into the wholeness of bb, it keeps a certain singularity, even 
   sharing the sum of peculiarities of all other integrated souls. after        
   passing by the reconforming process, booawa keeps the memory of the past     
   life which was in accordance with ooaa, memory of the committed acts and     
   their consequences.                                                          
however, the reconforming process takes account not only of the acts performed  
   and their consequences, but as well of some uncompleted actions which        
   expected consequences could not trigger. booawa can then be left in the      
   expectation of those potentially important consequences.                     
such cases can remain unfiltered by the reconforming process, and expectation   
   can pass through. booawa can then keep a kind of remorse or regret to not    
   having been able to see some actions completely fulfilled.                   
to integrate in full quietude, booawa may use the resource of booawa biaeii to  
   express itself through another oembooaw link corresponding very closely to   
   its former oembooaw. this allows then to impregnate the memory of another    
   oemii with remembrances that do not correspond to its real experiences. the  
   impregnation is more efficient when it relates with a young oemii whose      
   nearly virgin memory will be impacted by a sudden flow of dense and clear    
   information. this can be only done aiming at finalizing some pending actions 
   or revelations to relatives.                                                 
this has nothing to do with the supposed psychics who prowl around people       
   weakened by the loss of their loved ones.                                    


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